Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the interests of the Shallow Pond Estates homeowners, protect and enhance our property, and provide value for our homeowners while building a vibrant community that fosters neighborhood pride, encourages cooperation, promotes harmony, and maintains an attractive environment for our homeowners.

Our Values


  • Respect each other and the diverse needs of our homeowners.

  • Operate openly and encourage participation in our Association.

  • Employ responsible, sound judgment in all our financial decisions.

  • Operate in an honest, effective, and professional manner.

  • Weigh the interests of all current and future homeowners equally.

  • Advocate for our interests in the community, town, county, and state.

Where do your Dues go?

  • Landscape and Maintenance around the Shallow Pond Estates Sign and along 3A

  • Mulching and maintenance of island at the start of Kathleen Drive.

  • Ice Cream Social for all Shallow Pond Residents.

  • Develop a newsletter- The Shallow Pond Pride


Board Members

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John Kelly


Joe Mahaney

Vice -President

Beth Segal

Board Member

Timothy Shobrook


Barbara Poole

Board Member

Wanda O'Meara


Chris Barron

Board Member

Paul Reissfelder

Board Member