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Presidents Letter

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Update from John Kelly - SPHA President

I hope everyone is having a great summer.

Your SPHA has been hard at work behind the scenes on many projects.

  • · We have a new website which enables better communication and will also make it easier to pay your yearly SPHA Dues online.

  • We also will be doing some volunteer clean ups in Shallow Pond Estates. Many hands make light work, come join us. Our goal is to clean up some areas that need attention in our neighborhood. Check the website for updates.

  • Ice Cream Social on September 8th. Come meet your neighbors and Board Members. Saturday, September 8th , from 1-4pm. Location is 68 Shallow Pond Lane. There will also be a Bounce House for the children.

  • This new COLOR newsletter, which is 100% paid for by advertisers.

New Officers and Retiring Officers. A special thanks to Bob Materna and Sally Hertz. Your years of service and commitment to Keeping Shallow Pond Estates a Great place to live is much appreciated. The Board welcomes Kristen Buchanan and Christine Costa. We look forward to working together with you and appreciate the time and great ideas you have already added to the Board.

The Front Entrances to Donna Drive and Kathleen Drive were cleaned up in the spring by your SPHA and maintained this summer by volunteers. Thank you for the time and money spent to keep Shallow Pond Estates beautiful. We also added Solar Lights to brighten up the entrances at night.

Membership Drive - Major push in August and September. My goal is to increase paid membership in the Shallow Pond Homeowners Association (SPHA). The SPHA is a group of people that live in Shallow Pond Estates that volunteer their time to keep Shallow Pond Estates a “Highly Sought-After Place to Live in Manomet Massachusetts”. We keep the entrances well maintained, help get our roads repaired, repair graffiti and vandalism, work with town officials on projects that will affect our home values, do neighborhood clean-ups, and much more. All of these things take money to accomplish. That money comes from your paid membership in the SPHA. The Board decided to keep the yearly dues at $50. We did check with other Homeowner Associations and found most have fee’s much higher than $50. Our records indicate that some homeowners pay their dues every year, Thank You, a smaller percentage pay some years but sometimes skip a year and MANY do not pay at all. If you feel you do not get value from a $50 payment to your homeowner association, please contact me directly.

Your SPHA would like to send out a Special Welcome to the many families that have moved into Shallow Pond Estates this past year. Please introduce yourself to the Board members. Let us know what you think about the neighborhood and feel free to make suggestion on how we can make our neighborhood even better. Input from all our neighbors is always welcome.

John Kelley - President

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